Each One Reach One

EachOneReachOnePrize for November: Holiday Gift Basket
Do you love the Co-op? Are you proud to be an owner of the Co-op? Would you like the chance to win a
$250 Co-op shopping spree? That’s what we thought!

As we celebrate 40 years of cooperative success we look to our owners to strengthen our presence and impact on the Palouse community.  For the rest of 2013 we are asking each of our owners to think about why they joined the Moscow Food Co-op, what they love about the Co-op and why they want to share the greatness of the Co-op with their friends and family by asking them to become owners. Increasing the number of Co-op owners can only lead to greater things!  It means increasing the funding for capital improvements in the store that everybody can enjoy, as well as increasing our influence on creating a stronger and more sustainable food economy.  And who wouldn’t want to be a part of that?

So, Co-op owners, your mission if you choose to accept it, is for each of you to reach out to someone in your life who is not currently a Co-op owner and talk with them about the benefits of membership.  Is it the Member Appreciation Day sales that keep you coming back? Is it the delicious food made by our kitchen everyday? Or is it the friendly cashiers and knowledgeable staff that make this the best place to be on the Palouse? Think about it, and then share it with your friends and family. Each one… reach one!

And of course, to show our gratitude to you, we have some great incentives! Everyone who participates in the Each One Reach One owner drive will be entered to win fabulous prizes.  When someone you talk to about membership comes in and signs up, they will need to make sure to mention they were referred by you. They will write your name on an Each One Reach One slip and place it into the box at the Customer Service Desk. Each month we will draw a name from the box for a Co-op gift. Their name will then be reentered into the grand prize drawing in December—a $250 Moscow Food Co-op shopping spree!


What do I need to do?
Spread the word! Tell people in your life (who aren’t current Co-op owners) why you love the Co-op, what it means to be a part of the cooperative movement and the exciting benefits of signing up for a membership. Make sure you tell them to fill out an Each One Reach One slip when signing up so that you will be entered into the drawing!

How many times can my name be entered into the drawing?
You can be entered infinity times! Ok, maybe not infinity. But the more people you tell to sign up for a membership, the more opportunities you have to win! (Again, don’t forget to have them list you as their reference.)

What other prizes can I win?
Each month will be something different, but guaranteed awesome. Prizes will range from Co-op water bottles, to tote bags, to product gift sets to baskets of seasonal produce! We will keep an update of what each month’s prize is on this page.

What ARE the benefits of being an owner?
We’re glad you brought that up! Owner benefits include owner-only sale prices, case discounts, special pricing for tickets to Food For Thought films, discounts at local stores through our Business Partner Program, frequent buyer punch cards, a vote in our Board of Directors elections and more! Visit our Becoming an Owner page for more!

Why do YOU love the Co-op?
Great question! We love the Co-op because we believe in leading by example, and we take food matters to heart. We love that we have created a third place for our community, and that after 40 years, we have kept with our mission to build a strong, dynamic, consumer-owned natural foods cooperative through the use of ethical and sustainable business practices. We love that we are visited by you, our owners, each and every day! But enough about us… here’s what some of our friends had to say!

“I love the community, the healthy food, and that I feel like my kids grew up here.” -Judy Sobeloff, Moscow
“I really like the smell and the atmosphere.” -Jake Miczulski, Moscow
“I love that it is here. We come from Lewiston since there is nothing like this down there.” -Anne Williams, Lewiston
“This is my happy place!” -Grace Penny, Moscow
“We like to get natural food and this is the best place to get it.” -Steve Hofhine
“I believe in the cooperative model and try to live by the philosophy that food is medicine and your medicine is your food.” -Donna Mills, Moscow
“I like that everything here is catered to dietary needs. The produce here tastes better.” -Sara Price, Pullman