Co-op Essentials

The Moscow Food Co-op is pleased to inform our community that 2014 marks the rebirth of a program known formerly and currently as Co-op Essentials. The Essentials program is simple: the Co-op will be actively working to find opportunities from our distributors and vendors that allow us to offer our customers excellent prices on a wide range of items throughout the store. It’s one of the best ways for us to thank all of our owners and customers for their continued loyalty and support as we kick off the new year.

We intend to make this program something you can always count on when you visit the Co-op-keep your eyes peeled for items marked with our Essentials signage! Because we are slashing prices so dramatically, please note that we are offering no further discounts at the registers. In some cases we may even take a loss on items just to give our customers a great deal-it’s such a joy for us to be in a position to do this for our community!