Vendor Table Program

The purpose of the Moscow Food Co-op Vendor Table Program is to provide an opportunity for local artisans, organizations and cottage businesses to share information about their programs and services, sell their locally handmade products and to evaluate the potential market for their products and services in the wider community.

The Vendor Table Program addresses the Co-op’s long-term strategic goals of 1) developing and supporting the local, organic and sustainable food and goods economy, and 2) increasing community engagement, outreach, and education.

The Vendor Table Program is open to artisans, organizations and cottage businesses that are based in the Quad City area (Moscow, Pullman, Clarkston, Lewiston), Latah or Whitman counties and surrounding communities. By applying to have a vendor table at the Co-op, the applicant asserts that at least 51 percent of the business or enterprise is locally owned, or in the case of organizations, that the organization serves the Quad City area and/or the surrounding communities. Businesses must not employ more than five employees to be considered “cottage.”

If you are interested in joining our Vendor Table Program, please fill out the Vendor Table Program Application and read the accompanying guidelines. Your completed application can be returned by mail, email, fax or by dropping it off at the store. Please see the application for more details.