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October’s Dime in Time recipient: People First of the Palouse
People first of the Palouse is the local chapter of a self-advocacy organization for people with disabilities. Our message is simple: We want all people to realize and appreciate that we are people first and our disabilities are secondary. We are equal citizens in our communities.

This is what all of us want–whether we have a disability or not. For most of us with a disability, however, our reality is very different. Just like you, we don’t want people to tell us what to do and what to think. We want to have a meaningful and rewarding job. We want to be included in the community. We want the oppurtunities to know ourselves and express our wishes in order to be successful individuals and participate in our community. People First helps us to learn how to speak up for ourselves, to learn how to make our own decisions, and to be included in the communities we live in.

Our group is called People First of the Palouse and it started in Pullman. This coming year, however, we would like to expand by starting a public education campaign and a membership drive in Moscow and other small communities in Whitman and Latah counties. We would also like to introduce our group to individuals 18 years and above who are still in high school. We think we would be excellent partners in developing transitioning skills they are learning in high school. Most of us can remember those days clearly!

Your contribution to the Dime in Time program is one way you can really help us achieve our goals. Please shop at the Co-op during October and donate your bag refund to People First of the Palouse. Thank you.

This Co-op program is to benefit non-profit, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory organizations whose goals complement or support the Mission Statement of the Co-op.

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