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November’s Dime in Time recipient: Second Chance Animal

Second Chance Animal is pleased to have this opportunity to team up with the Moscow Food Co-op for another A Dime in Time month!

Our organization is a 501(c)(3) non-profit run solely by volunteers. Founded in 2008, we saw a need to help support people with their animal companions’ needs. We help low-income people in Idaho and Washington with free and low-cost spay/neuters, free doghouses, free pet food, and much more.

The donations raised from the Dime in Time program will go directly toward our fall/winter doghouse programs. The funds will buy warm doghouses for animals without shelter. These doghouse programs are run by volunteers who deliver doghouses, warm straw bedding, toys, treats, and thousands of pounds of kibble to outside and chained dogs in Idaho and Washington. The programs also help low-income families with food for cats, and provide food for large animals such as horses and goats when we have the funds or when hay or grain have been donated. Thank you for the opportunity to better serve our community and its animals!

This Co-op program is to benefit non-profit, non-sectarian and non-discriminatory organizations whose goals complement or support the Mission Statement of the Co-op.

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