Business Partner Program

For a complete list of our current Business Partners and discount listings, please visit the Our Business Partners page.

The purpose of the Moscow Food Co-op Business Partner Program is to provide a connection between our members and the businesses in our community, to provide a tangible membership benefit to Co-op members, and to build and sustain the local food and goods economy, one of the Moscow Food Co-op’s five long-term strategic goals.

This program benefits everyone in the following ways:
•Our members benefit from the goods and services offered by our business partners;
•Our business partners benefit by having our members shop at their businesses and from increased exposure through advertising; and,
•Our community benefits by keeping our dollars and jobs local and encouraging a sense of local pride.

Business partners receive the following support from the Co-op for their commitment to participate in our program:
•A complimentary membership to the Co-op for the duration of their participation in the program, which entitles them to member prices but not the other benefits of membership. (Partners may choose to become invested Co-op members, and enjoy the full benefits of membership, at any time, if they are not invested already.)
•A free listing of the business on our website,, with a link to the business website if applicable.
•A free listing in the newsletter of all partners and the discounts they offer, as well as a 10% discount on all newsletter advertising rates.

Business Partner Program Application