Art + Music at the Co-op

The Moscow Food Co-op is pleased to showcase talented artists and musicians in the store each month. Art is hung in the café area and we host an artist reception at the beginning of each new exhibition. Local musicians play in the Co-op Café on Tuesday nights from 5:00-6:30pm throughout the year. Please check back each month for an updated art and music schedule.


Molly Klinger

I am very excited to have Molly Klingler’s art showing in the Co-op once more. Molly’s show will open on Friday, December 12, and will run through Wednesday, January 7.

Molly, although only 10, has already had two shows at the Co-op. As her mother, Sandi Klingler, reports, “She’s been drawing from the minute she could hold a permanent marker.” In those early days, she often drew on herself (wonderful body art!), but she has since progressed to a more standard medium of paper.

Molly is a 5th grader at Palouse Prairie School of Expeditionary Learning in Moscow, and practices her art every day. She is, in my mind, exceptionally talented for someone of her age, and delights many of us with her diverse and skillful artwork. She still uses permanent markers, but has also tried other mediums, including watercolor and bead work. Her favorite subjects to draw are her two cats, George and Shadow, trees, and strong women. She also is always willing and eager to illustrate anything, including dreamscapes.

Molly is a lovely young girl, full of life and enthusiasm, and I am excited to see how her art develops. Come to the Co-op on the evening of Friday, December 12, and meet the artist. She will have cards to sell of her work. They would make excellent holiday gifts. She uses the proceeds to pay for her art supplies and often also donates to local nonprofits. When I am around young people like Molly and her friends, I find I have great hope for the world’s future.
Continue to enjoy the show through Wednesday, January 7.


Tuesday Night Music @ the Co-op Schedule:
We have yet to find a new volunteer Tuesday Night Music Assistant… but it could be you! The basic duties of this gig include assembling/disassembling the PA system each Tuesday evening, running sound throughout the event, contacting and booking musicians monthly, and writing a short description of performers for Community News. The person filling this position will be thanked with discount vouchers worth 18% off any shopping trip at the Co-op. Any interested parties are encouraged to apply to the Co-op’s Participating Owner Program.


For more information on the artist or for future art show bookings, please email Annie Hubble.