Art + Music at the Co-op

The Moscow Food Co-op is pleased to showcase talented artists and musicians in the store each month. Art is hung in the café area and we host an artist reception at the beginning of each new exhibition. Local musicians play in the Co-op Café on Tuesday nights from 5:00-6:30pm throughout the year. Please check back each month for an updated art and music schedule.


Sue Segota

This January, we are very happy to welcome back Sue Segota as our artist of the month. Her show will open Friday, January 9th and run through Wednesday, February11th.
In her previous shows at the Co-op, many people have enjoyed her art. She paints local scenes in a wonderfully whimsical way. I particularly love her depiction of the Moscow Saturday Farmers’ Market, with all its wonderful confusion of vendors, musicians and joyous Moscow people. Sue Segota has lived in Moscow for about 35 years. She and her husband raised their two children here and she loves the “atmosphere of a small town combined with the energy of the University.” She now has three grandchildren who are “a constant source of fun and adventure.”

Describing her art, Sue says, “I like to paint my hometown, and the surrounding countryside. To take places that seem invisible because of familiarity, and paint them in a such a way that people see them as new is interesting to me. I often hope that people see themselves or loved ones in the painting, maybe experience a special place, or a familiar moment. To capture the personality of a place or a person that would otherwise be lost. My work tends to focus on creating emotions about a certain spot—not necessarily to have it be architecturally correct. I like to use people whenever I can to achieve a mood, along with light and intense color. Sometimes I will try to tell a story within the painting,and the medium of oil seems to invite the viewer to add their own interpretation, thereby participating in the final work. I also hope that, when you look at one of my paintings, you see and feel something not previously noticed—thereby extending the enjoyment of the painting.”

I know you will all enjoy the vivid detail in her work, as well as the paintings themselves. You can meet Sue the evening of Friday, January 9th, and enjoy the show through Wednesday, February 11th.


Tuesday Night Music @ the Co-op Schedule:
We have yet to find a new volunteer Tuesday Night Music Assistant… but it could be you! The basic duties of this gig include assembling/disassembling the PA system each Tuesday evening, running sound throughout the event, contacting and booking musicians monthly, and writing a short description of performers for Community News. The person filling this position will be thanked with discount vouchers worth 18% off any shopping trip at the Co-op. Any interested parties are encouraged to apply to the Co-op’s Participating Owner Program.


For more information on the artist or for future art show bookings, please email Annie Hubble.