Art + Music at the Co-op

The Moscow Food Co-op is pleased to showcase talented artists and musicians in the store each month. Art is hung in the café area and we host an artist reception at the beginning of each new exhibition. Local musicians play in the Co-op Café on Tuesday nights from 5:00-6:30pm throughout the year. Please check back each month for an updated art and music schedule.


April Artist: Carolyn Doe
In April we welcome Carolyn Doe as artist at the Moscow Food Co-op. Her show opens on Friday, April 11 from 5:30-7 p.m., when you will have a chance to meet the artist. We are excited that Carolyn is once again showing her art here. Her creativity always impresses, and she is always experimenting with new mediums. She has shown her batik and watercolors before in previous shows. This time she is working in oils. Here, Carolyn explains her process:

“Welcome to my art. I am self taught in both batik and watercolor painting, which only means I just played until I figured something out. You may have seen my work using these methods. This show is something totally new and different.

I recently took an oil painting class using palette knives. What you will see is the result of a winter immersing myself in this medium. I would call it love.

Nature is the main inspiration for me although I have found large cities and buildings intriguing. Hours spent observing, then I go indoors and create.

And I like the movement of birds. So they come and go in my paintings. And the stillness of trees.”

Carolyn Doe will be here from 5:30-7 p.m. on Friday, April 11 to talk about her images and processes. Come and meet her and enjoy her art (as well as a light snack!). The show will continue through Wednesday, May 7.


Tuesday Night Music @ the Co-op Schedule:
We have yet to find a new volunteer Tuesday Night Music Assistant… but it could be you! The basic duties of this gig include assembling/disassembling the PA system each Tuesday evening, running sound throughout the event, contacting and booking musicians monthly, and writing a short description of performers for Community News. The person filling this position will be thanked with discount vouchers worth 18% off any shopping trip at the Co-op. Any interested parties are encouraged to apply to the Co-op’s Participating Owner Program.


For more information on the artist or for future art show bookings, please email Annie Hubble.
For more information on the musicians or for future music bookings, please email David Roon.