Art + Music at the Co-op

The Moscow Food Co-op is pleased to showcase talented artists and musicians in the store each month. Art is hung in the café area and we host an artist reception at the beginning of each new exhibition. Local musicians play in the Co-op Café on Tuesday nights from 5:00-6:30pm throughout the year. Please check back each month for an updated art and music schedule.


June Artist: Theresa Beaver
We are excited to participate in Artwalk, the wonderful event organized by the City of Moscow each year, with two wonderful artists to celebrate.

Theresa Beaver and Ron Seiler, both watercolor artists, will be featured at the Co-op during Artwalk. Theresa’s show will open on Friday, June 13, and Ron Seiler’s show will open on Friday, July 25.

Theresa Beaver has only recently discovered her talent in the art world but, as a gardener for many years, it is not surprising that she has chosen to paint—exquisitely, I might add—the many flowers from her garden. She has named her show ‘Theresa’s Garden” and I think you will enjoy her work as much as I do.

Of her life and art, Theresa says, “Painting came to me later in life. I spent my first 55 years believing that I didn’t have an artistic bone in my body. Without any models of artistic people in my childhood, I just assumed that art was something only people born with talent could do. But when I got together with my partner Rebecca, who is an artist, I became exposed to art in many forms and realized what an individual process it is. At some point I got the desire to paint watercolors. It took me a few years to get the nerve to act on it, but in 2008 I signed up for a watercolor class with Anne Pekie. What a world it opened up for me. I subsequently attended several workshops with watercolor artists Andy Sewell and Bobbie Kelly.

As a botany student I can still remember the first time I looked at a flower under a microscope. It was magic to me! This may explain my passion for growing flowers, and my desire to paint them up close. I originally thought I would learn to paint so that when I became too old to garden, I could paint flowers, and in the meantime I would practice painting flowers during the winter months. For a few years that is just what I did. Then one summer I had to stay out of the garden due to tendonitis and I painted many flowers. It was just what I needed—spending enough time painting that I could see progress. I ended up loving the process so much that sometimes I stay inside to paint even during gardening season.

I love trying to capture the essence of the flower, to see their beauty come alive through the fluidity of watercolors. Each of my “portraits” is an invitation for the viewer to peer with me into the face of the flower.

Growing flowers has been a passion of mine for many years. Now I have combined my passion for flowers with my new found passion for painting.”

Come and meet Theresa and see her art on Friday, June 13 from 5-7 p.m. Her show will continue through Wednesday, July 23.


Tuesday Night Music @ the Co-op Schedule:
We have yet to find a new volunteer Tuesday Night Music Assistant… but it could be you! The basic duties of this gig include assembling/disassembling the PA system each Tuesday evening, running sound throughout the event, contacting and booking musicians monthly, and writing a short description of performers for Community News. The person filling this position will be thanked with discount vouchers worth 18% off any shopping trip at the Co-op. Any interested parties are encouraged to apply to the Co-op’s Participating Owner Program.


For more information on the artist or for future art show bookings, please email Annie Hubble.