Art + Music at the Co-op

The Moscow Food Co-op is pleased to showcase talented artists and musicians in the store each month. Art is hung in the café area and we host an artist reception at the beginning of each new exhibition. Local musicians play in the Co-op Café on Tuesday nights from 5:00-6:30pm throughout the year. Please check back each month for an updated art and music schedule.


August Artist: Ron Seiler
The Co-op’s participation in the City of Moscow’s Art Walk continues with a show by artist Ron Seiler.
Ron Seiler quotes Leonard Cohen in his artist statement: “There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.” Ron strives in his art “to bring more light into the world.” As ArtWalk approached, I knew I wanted him to be one of the featured artists. We at the Co-op are constantly striving to bring light into the world and I wanted Ron to be an obvious part of that with his beautiful watercolors on the art wall for all to see.
Here is his Ron’s statement: “Starting with charcoal and graphite, I started drawing landscapes and seascapes about ten years ago. It was my first choice of medium because I enjoyed the gritty feel of charcoal on paper in particular, and the way charcoal can be rubbed to create a variety of effects. I employed graphite because of the unique way it reflects light. A few years ago I began to add color to my paintings, combining both watercolor and charcoal. Ultimately I selected the “transparent watercolor” approach as my medium of choice. I focus on rendering
nature, attempting to capture its beauty in intimate and realistic detail, while simultaneously infusing a powerful and surreal quality in my paintings.
My major influences are Lee Weiss and Gwen Bragg. Both artists use a variety of techniques to create art, but I was particularly attracted to their techniques involving the careful application of watercolor paints to the very wet, hot press watercolor paper, while flipping the sheets repeatedly on a piece of plexiglass. This technique creates rich and three- dimensional textures and unique colors.
My paintings are derived from photographs and from images stored in memory, usually inspired by nature. I want my paintings to be transcendent and hopefully capture rare beauty. I’m not interested in creating art that reflects the sadness and anger in our world. Art should neutralize these emotions, not reinforce them. As Leonard Cohen wrote, ‘There is a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in.’”
Come and enjoy Ron’s watercolors on display in the Co-op. His show will continue through Wednesday, September 10.


Tuesday Night Music @ the Co-op Schedule:
We have yet to find a new volunteer Tuesday Night Music Assistant… but it could be you! The basic duties of this gig include assembling/disassembling the PA system each Tuesday evening, running sound throughout the event, contacting and booking musicians monthly, and writing a short description of performers for Community News. The person filling this position will be thanked with discount vouchers worth 18% off any shopping trip at the Co-op. Any interested parties are encouraged to apply to the Co-op’s Participating Owner Program.


For more information on the artist or for future art show bookings, please email Annie Hubble.