Community Submission Guidelines

Submissions from community members and organizations are welcomed and encouraged, and will run in the Community section of the Community News. 

Key Points: Community submissions must be no longer than 300 words, and must be submitted by email to by the 15th of the month prior to publication. Please include your name and position title with the organization you are representing.

Please submit your articles using the following guidelines:
– Please submit articles by the 15th of the month, for publication in the next month’s issue.
– Artwork and photos are due by noon on the 20th of each month. Early submissions are encouraged and very much appreciated.
– Submissions from community members announcing events must be no longer than 300 words, with one photo or logo acceptable. These submissions do not receive a Co-op discount.
– Please give your article a title and a byline with your name; if you are representing a community organization, please also identify your position with the organization.
– All submissions must be sent by email. Please attach the article as a .doc- not a .docx- and also paste the article into the body of the email. Send articles to and include the words “Co-op newsletter article” as well as the month of publication in the subject line. Send graphics and photos separately to
– All submissions should include the author’s name and phone number for editorial verification; your phone number will not be published, unless you specifically ask that it be included. Anonymous articles or letters will not be published.
– Articles of general community interest are encouraged, and are used on a space-available basis. Articles supporting particular political candidates are not accepted (but that kind of partisan political message can be put into a paid advertisement).
– We do not reprint brochures. Articles which merely repeat brochures, political material, or advertisements are not accepted. However, articles which include some previously printed material as support for the author’s position are acceptable.
– Letters to the Editor are accepted- provided they are signed- and will be printed verbatim, on a space-available basis. Those letters can cover any relevant topic, and are especially encouraged if written in response to articles printed in the newsletter. Please visit our Letters to the Editor Submission Guidelines page for more details.