Participating Owner Program

The Participating Owner Program has long been a hallmark of the Moscow Food Co-op, providing our owners with a means to deepen their involvement in our community, strengthening it as a whole. Our Participating Owners play a pivotal role in our cooperative by sharing their talents and donating their time to activities such as teaching customers about food and nutrition, facilitating playgroups and clubs, contributing to our newsletter, and more.

Per a Board of Directors’ policy that guides the program, volunteer positions shall not be of an operational nature. We look for useful and creative ways to engage owners in our mission and strategic plan.

  • As positions become available, we will post them below.
  • You may also submit an application if you would like to suggest a position or have yourself placed on a list that receives first notice of opportunities as they arise.

If you have any questions, please email Joan Rutkowski, our Owner Services Coordinator, at for more information.

Current openings

We’re currently looking for Co-op owners to help the Board of Directors better understand and respond to owner values and desires for the Co-op.

Up to 3 owners are invited to serve on the Owner Engagement Committee and work with directors and staff on this fundamental aspect of our work as a democratically controlled cooperative. The committee’s priorities include planning social/informal gatherings and formal events that will help deepen the ownership’s connection with our Board.

  • The committee meets for approximately one hour each month; periodically, some outside social events/activities could add an additional 1-3 hours of time in a month.
  • Volunteers will be awarded with an 18% discount voucher for each meeting and related prep time; award for functions outside of meetings will be determined as needed.

Please fill out a Participating Owner application to express your interest in this role for the committee’s consideration. The application also is available at the Customer Solutions Desk, or by emailing