Policies & Bylaws

The Board creates and maintains policies for the store that help us put our values and vision into practice. Guidelines and long-term goals for finances and operations are established and updated based on current needs and desires. The policies shape things such as our our sustainability goals, wage range ratio, and the standards for protecting our assets. The Board does not use policy to determine which brands of milk we sell, but a Board policy about sustainability could shape what our buyers put on the shelves.

The Board’s process to monitor for policy compliance helps ensure consistent and thoughtful decision-making. Many policies place their expectations upon the General Manager, and so it’s through the GM’s accountability to the Board that we ensure we’re on track or are prompted to adjust.

Meanwhile, at the most fundamental level, our bylaws define the basic rights and responsibilities for owners, Board members, and management. They define our democratic structure and provide general rules for governance of the Co-op.

Article I: Organization
Article II: Ownership
Article III: Meetings of Owners
Article IV: Board of Directors
Article V: Meetings of the Board
Article VI: Officers
Article VII: Capital Shares
Article VIII: Patronage Dividends
Article IX: Fiscal and Miscellaneous Matters
Article X: Interpretation and Amendment of Bylaws; Appendix: Explanation of Patronage Dividend Consent Provision