Becoming a Board Member

Announcement: The Board has an opening that it seeks to fill by appointment.

This seat opened up after our 2014 election in which voters elected Douglas Glenn Holloway and re-elected Kurt (Sam) Obermayer to the Moscow Food Co-op Board of Directors.  If you are interested in applying for this open seat, please check out the appointment application packet and consider the following timeline, which involves an April 30th deadline:

  • The seat will be open until filled, but those whose materials are received by April 30th will be considered first for an interview in early May. The Nominations & Elections Committee will screen applications for eligible and ineligible candidates.
  • Eligible candidates will be invited to an interview with Board members in early May, before the May 13th Board meeting.
  • The Board will discuss the potential candidates and possibly appoint a new director at the May 13th Board meeting.
  • The appointed director’s term will end with the 2015 Board election, and the director may opt to run for a seat in that election.

The appointment packet has background information on how the Board of Directors works to guide the Co-op. For more information, please also check out our Board Purpose+Values page.