Board Purpose

The Board of Directors is composed of and elected by Co-op owners. The seven Board members act as trustees for the Co-op by providing direction and oversight regarding the Co-op’s financial well-being and long-term goals and by evaluating the General Manager’s performance.

In 2007, the Board of Directors adopted a policy governance model to guide its leadership. The policies embody the Co-op’s values and help ensure consistent and thoughtful decision-making. Guidelines and long-term goals for finances and operations are established and monitored via “ends” and “executive limitations” policies that are updated as needed. Specifically, the policies address:

- Ends: The organizational products, impacts, benefits, outcomes (what good, for whom, at what cost)
- Executive Empowerment/Limitations: The prudence and ethics boundaries around executive activity,
decisions, and organizational circumstances
- Board-General Manager Relationship: The division, delegation, and monitoring of responsibilities and
- Governance Process: How the Board conceives, carries out, and monitors its own task.

For the Co-op’s complete policy governance manual, please click here. The Moscow Food Co-op’s Ends can be found in the Co-op Strategic Plan. Questions?  Please email the Moscow Food Co-op Board of Directors at