LET’S TOAST: Winter Citrus Punch


Contrary to what an ice cold glass of lemonade in the summer would have you think, winter is actually prime time for citrus. And because it’s also prime time for illness, it also provides your immune system a much needed boost of Vitamin C. This refreshing punch (which can easily be made with alcohol) is […]

Let’s Toast: Spiced Hot Toddy


It’s about to get really cold on the Palouse. Like frozen-nose-hair cold. The perfect thing to combat the impending frigid temperatures (besides fleeing to warmer climes) is a hot toddy. The beauty of a hot toddy is that it’s so versatile. And that after one or two you absolutely will not care how cold it […]

Gift Guide: For the Beer Lover


This holiday season put together the perfect gift for the beer lover in your life. With over a hundred varieties of beer on our shelves, you’re sure to find something. We’re also proud to be carrying the new Idaho Beer guide written by Steven J. Koonce. His book looks at our great state’s barley and […]

Let’s Toast: Stout Gelato Float


Nothing is hollier or jollier than a stout float with eggnog gelato. Nothing. Not reindeer prancing through a snowy field. Not listening to Blue Christmas for the fortieth time. Nothing. And not only is this float holly and jolly, it’s boozy too. It uses the Sacred Cow Coffee Milk Stout from Paradise Creek Brewing Company […]

Let’s Toast: Ghostly Milkshakes


Halloween is right around the corner and if you’re not into food that looks like amputated body parts, but still want a festive treat, these milkshakes are for you! These milkshakes can be made in a number of ways depending on the kind of celebration you’re having. Want something for the grown-ups? Add a bit of […]

New Brew News


1. Golden Spike Hefewizen- 4%abv Uinta Brewing Co.- Salt Lake City, UT One of my favorite things about getting in a new beer from Uinta is seeing the artwork for the first time. It’s always so simple and attractive, and I’m sure it is responsible for getting more than just myself hooked on this beer. […]

Let’s Toast: Peach Mojitos


The long, warm days of summer are fading fast, but before it’s too late try making these peach mojitos, or faux-jitos if that’s more your style. Since we have delicious, juicy peaches right now, making them with fresh peach puree is the way to go. But if it ends up being the middle of winter […]

Let’s Toast: Stone Fruit + Herb Sangria


Peaches and plums and apricots, oh my! We have the most delicious local stone fruit in right now and since the weather doesn’t look like it’s cooling down anytime soon, here’s a recipe for a chilled sparkling sangria featuring the juiciest fruit of the season. If alcohol isn’t your thing, this is fantastic made with […]

New Brew News: Gluten-Free Edition


This edition of New Brew News will be focusing on some of our Gluten-Free selections.  Hopefully this will shed some light on what it is you’re drinking, and also maybe help you out when you want to try something different. 1. Redbridge – Anheuser-Busch Sorghum Beer 4%abv Redbridge is brewed in the style of a […]

New Brew News


1. Big Al Brewing – Seattle, WA Rat City Blonde – 4% abv, 22 IBU’s Still not quite sure why so many breweries go with “Rat City” for the name of one of their beers, but I guess some things are just meant to keep us wondering.  Besides, wasn’t it Shakespeare who wrote, “…a beer […]